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    • Our team of security experts is comprised of former law enforcement and military personnel, along with subject matter experts.
    • OSCP Qualified along with multiple other high level qualifications.
    • Internationally accredited through training in United Kingdom, United States (West/East Coast), United Arab Emirates and Australia.
    • The founders lived and operated as security consultants for a period of four years in the Middle East.

    Spector Security Defined

    Spec ·Tor’ – The culmination of physical and cyber security intelligence gathering to form the most specialized penetration testing organization in the world.

    Physical – Specter, a ghost simulating covertly penetrating past physical barriers.

    Cyber – TOR, a project build in the mid 90’s for intelligence communities to anonymously communicate which later became open source and used by the public.


    Spector Security was created as collaboration between the owners Kevin Moore and Zachary Trumpp. They began both of their professional development as US law enforcement officers with over 10 years of experience respectively. Collectively they gained experience as tactical operators, as academy instructors, and as field training instructors. As officers, they acquired the investigative skills required to analyze and resolve criminal activity. This is also where they discovered their passion for the security industry and would seek to further develop their skill set within that field.

    Their knowledge and background with their careers in law enforcement, eventually led to new professional opportunities within the Middle East. They went on to serve as full time security consultants over the next four years.

    Within their time in the Middle East, Spector Security founders further developed their knowledge and experience within the security industry. They conducted multiple security vulnerability and penetration tests. They also received the highest quality training available, domestically and internationally, within the cyber and physical security realms. This resulted in acquiring high level certifications from training institutions based in the United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

    The founders now apply their training and experience in the formation of Spector Security, a leading corporation in the penetration testing within the realms of cyber security, physical security and social engineering.


    Spector Security’s mission is to provide clients with the highest standard of penetration testing, security assessment and on-site training. Penetration testing is conducted within three primary areas comprising Physical Security, Cyber Security and Social Engineering. This can be tailored with varying levels of intensity based on the needs, input and financial investment of the client. Spector Security will meet the needs of the client while surpassing their expectations and arming them for the future through education and modern security tactics.

    Company Values:


    Spector Security has integrity rooted within the foundation of the organization. This value will not be compromised as trust and discretion are imperative when dealing with a client’s sensitive information and physical security. Clients need to know that their information and physical assets will not be at risk or viewed by an untrustworthy source.


    Spector Security operates with discipline, motivation and professional conduct. This is represented throughout the entire working relationship between the client and our company.  We refuse to provide an inadequate service and will strive to exceed all client expectations.


    The security industry is in a constant state of change. Spector Security ensures its own ability to adapt to any security environment by staying up to date with all techniques, tools and security training. This methodology is strictly applied to all services and capabilities (physical, cyber and social engineering). This methodology also applies to working with the needs of the client and adapting to their requests for service. 

    Continual Development

    The penetration testing industry is constantly challenged by advancements in defensive technology. In response, Spector Security is committed to the continual growth and development of its employees and corporate methodology.

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