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    Evaluate your Social Engineering Protections

    Social Engineering attacks are dangerous because the target of these attacks are your company’s own employees. Spector Security will help protect your company against attackers using complex tactics to gain access to sensitive customer and proprietary company information. We work with you to assess your current controls through

    • Reality-based simulations
    • On-site interviews with employees
    • Off-site remote attempts to gain confidential information

    Our testing provides meaningful data that can be used for training and our social engineering experts provide detailed recommendations to improve awareness and tighten information security.


    Spector Security will evaluate employee performance during simulated social engineering attacks. Metrics are put in place to measure both awareness of policy as well as adherence to policy, allowing your company to understand vulnerabilities.

    Project Scope

    Spector Security helps companies of all sizes assess their social engineering weak points. We will perform a full information security assessment of your primary location with all employees on-site. We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of testing for additional locations and off-site employees.

    Project Scope

    Accurate assessment of protections against social engineering is vital, because of the many variables involved. Attackers work to gain your employee’s trust to gain access to your company’s information. Spector Security attempts those same techniques in a safe environment, including:

    • Third Party Impersonation
    • Malware and Phishing emails
    • Phone and in-person interview techniques
    • Counterfeit emails and phone numbers

    Understanding how employees react in simulated social engineering scenarios provides invaluable information to your company. Our process is designed to uncover actionable data helps Spector Security identify where additional training is needed as well as where adherence to existing policy failed to protect your organization.


    Spector Security provides your company with a full assessment of your social engineering protections. We report all metrics collected during our security assessment and make data-based recommendations that can improve your company’s information security.

    Initial corrective training is provided through an electronic presentation that highlights areas where you are most vulnerable to a social engineering attack. We offer additional in-person training on a wide variety of topics, including social engineering. Visit our Training and Evaluation page to learn how Spector Security can help prepare your team.

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