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    Active Shooter & Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness Training Description

    Spector Security provides the specialized training mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) referred to as “Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicaid and Medicare Participating Providers and Suppliers”, in accordance with the federal mandate by the CMS, (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Active Shooter and Emergency Preparedness Training may include but is not limited to the following outline topics.

    • Written manual summarizing policies and employee guidelines designed to maximize your preparedness during an emergency situation.
    • Bi-annual emergency simulation drills and/or table-top demonstrations and training presentations.
    • Formal emergency preparedness training lecture for all employees performed by experienced former military and/or police officers.

    Covert Entry Training (Restricted Training)

    Training Description

    Spector Security offers covert entry training exclusively for military and police personnel that details multiple instruction topics covering covert entry techniques. Our experienced team of former military and law enforcement personnel provide unique insight into covert entry training in a wide variety of skill sets. Spector Security will customize a covert entry training program specific to the needs of your team, including but not limited to:

    • Radio-Frequency Identification Course (RFID)
    • Hijacking Wi-Fi and Interdiction Course
    • Entry Level Lock Picking and Covert Entry Tools
    • High-Security Lock picking and Covert Entry Techniques

    Social Engineering Company Training

    Social Engineering Training Description

    Spector Security offers a full social engineering vulnerability assessment which includes training that will help relieve your most critical security weak points. We offer additional in depth training that can help increase your team’s awareness of social engineering threats as well as protect your company against social engineering attacks. Because attackers are constantly altering their social engineering tactics, we specialize in keeping your team informed and alert of these dangers with a variety of topics. Some of our more popular trainings include:

    • Demonstrations of common attacks and the resulting impact and capabilities of attackers.
    • Company policy review and management/IT consultation.
    • Emergency action plans for compromised machines/devices.

    Specialized Training and Projects

    Customized Training from Industry Experts

    Spector Security specialists have the experience and training to assess your unique security needs and create a training program or project able to handle the most difficult to solve security difficulties. Our military and law enforcement experience allows us to work with both government agencies as well as private companies to improve their procedures and training, providing better security for employers and employees.

    Schedule a consultation with a Spector Security specialist through the contact form on this page, or simply call us at +1-847-513-3487 or +1-585-315-1600

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