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    Assess Physical Security Plans and Policies

    Spector Security is comprised of a team of former law enforcement and military personnel as well as subject matter experts in security. We use our expertise to evaluate your company’s existing security plan with a physical security assessment. We also partner with companies to develop comprehensive security plans based on your needs and our experience.

    Spector Security experts work with you to:

    1. Assess and design physical security policies, key control, access control .
    2. Assess and design CCTV camera systems.
    3. Identify access point vulnerabilities and security practice improvements
    4. Identify and secure priority company assets, information and intellectual property
    5. Confirm compliance with both International Fire Code (IFC) and International Building Code (IBC)
    6. Perform Walkthrough Assessments or Red Teaming Exercises to evaluate your security framework.


    Spector Security uses specialized expertise available to only police and military personnel to perform a full physical security assessment of your location. We evaluate access points, bypasses, vulnerabilities as well as identify potential data exposure and security practice weaknesses.

    Project Scope

    Spector Security provides physical security assessments for a wide range of companies. From single site facilities to full corporate campuses, we are able to tailor our evaluation to meet your company’s unique needs. We have multiple assessment levels available to choose from.

    Our Process

    The Spector Security process for physical security assessment is unique in our industry. Our military and law enforcement background has provided us with international training that is only available to professionals in those industries. Spector Security utilizes that specialized training and experience to provide a thorough, in depth evaluation of both internal and external physical security needs. We often bring our security experts on-site, examining your physical structure for vulnerabilities, including:

    • Mechanical Locks
    • RFID, biometric/fingerprint scanners
    • Exterior and Interior perimeter bypasses
    • Camera system configuration and positioning
    • Alarm system bypasses
    • Physical security policies and security staff compliance
    • Physical access points for your network and computer systems


    Spector Security experts perform a comprehensive debrief of all findings during our physical security assessment. We provide reporting with supporting evidence, which in many cases included photographs, video demonstrations and/or proof of concept. We also provide a written list of recommendations designed to address your vulnerabilities and improve your company’s physical security model.

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