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    Spector Security’s primary focus is to provide customers with the highest level of security services.

    Spector Security serves companies of all sizes for all of their physical and data security needs. With years of exclusive international security training gained from extensive military and law enforcement experience, our security experts are able to assess your current security protocols and provide meaningful, actionable recommendations to improve your overall security. Our services are customized to your security needs, including vulnerability tests, walkthrough assessments as well as red team exercises that put your security measures to the test.

    These services encompasses 4 primary areas. The first, Physical Security, assess the security of your facilities as well as your policies and personnel. Cyber Security helps to identify your vulnerabilities to protect your web applications and company network from attacks. Our Social Engineering services help to arm your employees against social engineering attacks with our training services and tactical simulations. With Training & Evaluation, Spector Security creates specialized training for government agencies and private companies to address their specific security needs.

    Contact our experts today by calling 847.513.3487, or complete the convenient form at the bottom of this page.

    Physical Security

    Evaluate or develop an organizations security plan

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    cyber security

    Identify and then work with companies to protect and strengthen their cyber infrastructure

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    social engineering

    Identify, strengthen and train employee security policies, by performing simulated social engineering attacks

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    training & evaluation

    Spector Security provides specialized training and project solutions

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