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    Web Application

    Locate vulnerabilities and access points into a web application server/admin access

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    Secure your Web Application from attacks

    In today’s online world, companies are becoming more and more reliant on web applications. From ensuring that companies are storing sensitive information securely to evaluating digital access points and server compliance, companies around the world are turning to Spector Security to help secure your web applications from attacks and prevent costly data leaks and any attempt to stop services. Don’t leave anything to chance – choose Spector Security to help:

    • Locate vulnerabilities and access points into a web application server/admin access.
    • Derive sensitive information located on the target application.
    • Identify weak or unprotected passwords, misconfigurations and components with known vulnerabilities.
    • Identify client-based attacks that would victimize customers and potentially cause legal concerns for customers/employees.
    • Assist with gaining compliance with HIPAA and PCI DSS.


    Spector Security seeks out all vulnerabilities defined within cyber security assessment. Web application vulnerabilities are any misconfiguration that can lead to its exploitation and lead to

    1. Unauthorized access to restricted areas (admin rights, access to the web server databases, etc.)
    2. Access to sensitive information (credit card information, employee or customer information).
    3. Defacement/Denial of Service (DOS)/Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.


    Spector Security is prepared to handle any client of any size. Typically, each web transaction consists of one domain and any other subsequent sub-domains and/or intranets (limited to one IP unless otherwise noted).

    Project Scope

    Spector Security is specifically trained to assist any size company improve and assess their web application security. Typically, each web transaction consists of one domain and any other subsequent sub-domains and/or intranets (limited to one IP unless otherwise noted).

    Our Process

    Spector Security offers a varying level of assessment allowing us to customize our methods to your needs. We perform vulnerability scans, penetration tests and ted team exercises. Every web application assessment is performed combining the highest standard of software with our expertly trained cyber security professionals to provide your company with the peace of mind of knowing your web application is secure.

    We utilize automation to test for many common attacks and confirm results through manual testing are as follows:

    • Injection
    • Broken authentication
    • Sensitive data exposure
    • XML Eternal Entities
    • Broken access control
    • Security Misconfiguration
    • Cross-Site Scripting
    • Insecure deserialization
    • Using components with known vulnerabilities
    • Insufficient logging and monitoring

    These topics are referenced in accordance with the OWASP top 10. The OWASP top 10 is a respected industry standard for the most common and pertinent vulnerabilities used by attackers today.


    Spector Security enters each agreement for a full web application security scan with a timetable for deliverable evaluations with all discoveries and recommended courses of actions. We guarantee our report within this timeline. We also highly recommend a full debrief of the findings either in-person or electronic communications. Spector Security wants to ensure that you have a path forward to remedy any and all web application security risks that you and your company may face.

    Wifi Security

    Spector Security helps locate vulnerabilities and access points into your organization’s network, helping to secure your data and communications. Our Wi-Fi Security assessment will help you find the weak points in your security, helping you close security holes before a possible attack.

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    Wi-Fi Security Assessment

    Seek out all vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and passwords that will lead to a breach of your existing Wi-Fi Security. Denial of Service (DOS) attacks will also be thoroughly explored to discover how attackers may impact the function or entirely disable your company’s Wi-Fi network. Your Wi-Fi networks are a primary entry points that can disrupt your network security, making assessing your company’s risk for Wi-Fi network attacks a critical tactic in your overall cyber security plan. Spector Security will assess your Wi-Fi network security by attempting to breach it using the most current methods and technology, including but not limited to

    1. Locating vulnerabilities and access points into an organizations Wi-Fi networks.
    2. Identifying Wi-Fi passwords and administrative controls.
    3. Attacking and identifying vulnerabilities within company routers.
    4. Provide a written summary of recommendations to locate and secure security flaws within the target Wi-Fi networks.

    Project Scope

    Spector security will analyze overtly (penetration test) or covertly (red team exercise), all target Wi-Fi networks and available ethernet access points. The target will consist of typically one physical location (additional locations can be negotiated into the final cost of the assessment).

    Our Process

    Spector Security utilizes a standardized systematic approach in an attempt to compromise your Wi-Fi network. Modern techniques, combined with research and technology, are utilized to identify and compromise all hidden and known networks. Multiple attack strategies and vectors will be explored during the assessment in order to assess your overall Wi-Fi Security, including but not limited to:

    1. Router attacks and security protocols
    2. Physical access points (ethernet)
    3. Hidden network identification
    4. Password attacks
    5. Man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM)
    6. Denial of Service (DOS) attacks


    Your company can expect a thorough written evaluation of your Wi-Fi network security. We also provide recommendations that can be implemented quickly immediately that can drastically increase the Wi-Fi security. We also recommend completing a debrief of our findings, which is available either through electronic communications or an in-person meeting with our Wi-Fi Security experts upon request.

    Network Security

    Locate vulnerabilities and access points into an organization’s cyber networks

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    Comprehensive Network Security Assessment


    Spector Security will utilize current and cutting-edge tactics and technology to perform a complete Network Security Assessment. We will locate vulnerabilities and access points into any of your company’s digital networks. Our Network Security specialists will test the integrity and security of your specified networks and we are prepared to analyze a high volume of internal and external IP’s, while maintaining the same high standard for both automated and manual network security tests by

    1. Locating vulnerabilities and access points into an organization’s cyber networks.
    2. Utilizing extensive manual testing, as well as the industry best automated scanning software.
    3. Assist with gaining compliance for government regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.
    4. Provide a written summary of recommendations to locate and secure security flaws within the target networks.


    Spector Security is prepared to handle any client of any size, and our modular approach to pricing allows us to suit our network security assessment to meet your organization’s precise needs. Clients will have unique needs based on the size and function of their organization. Most commonly, internal and external network security assessments are separated and priced individually based on the number of IP’s for each network.

    Our Process

    Spector Security will base our network security assessment tactics based on the needs of each client, whether we perform a vulnerability scan, an actual penetration test of full red team exercise, we adhere to the highest standards. The result for your company is a comprehensive network security assessment performed by professionals with years of law enforcement, military and cyber security experience. We maintain a comprehensive set of protocols to ensure that a high volume of manual tests are conducted on every IP address. The following attack vectors will be explored by automated and manual tests (limited not only to these topics/services):

    1. Service enumeration and port scanning.
    2. Manually explore SSH, FTP, SMB and other common services that are vulnerable to attacks and misconfigurations.
    3. Password attacks by common and custom word lists
    4. Pivoting and post exploitation for further enumeration and network access.


    Spector Security will provide a thorough written evaluation of your company’s network security. We will include usable information that can immediately be implemented to drastically increase the security of your network. Our network security assessments and reports are delivered reliably and in accordance with the predetermined project timeframes, which will vary based on the number of IP addresses in each target network. We strongly recommend a review of findings with our network security experts and those debriefs are available via electronic communications or in-person upon request.


    To schedule your Network Security assessment, complete the short contact form on this page, or call us at +1-847-513-3487 or +1-585-315-1600.

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