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  • IARF presentation on Active Shooter & Emergency Preparedness Training

    Active Shooter Training


    Spector Security successfully conducted a presentation on Active Shooter & Emergency Preparedness at the 44th annual IARF Expo & Conference in the Chicago, IL area. The presentation covered three main learning objectives conceptually based in preparation, mitigation and action.

    Preparation. How can an employer protect an organization from a critical incident/emergency?
    Specific services include but are not limited to the following:

    Physical Security Assessments – This includes access control, key control, camera system assessment, physical vulnerability assessments, policy review and/or creation.

    Cyber Security Assessments – Protect security/private information by evaluating the risk of your company’s internal/external networks, Wi-Fi networks, web applications. Assessments also may also evaluate and train against social engineering attacks.

    • Create an Emergency Plan – Developing a comprehensive emergency plan is imperative for any organization. Spector Security can assist in writing and further developing your emergency plan against industry best practices. Whatever plan is utilized, be sure to test that plan through training events in order to assess the effectiveness of your emergency policies.

    • iXero Solutions – iXero is a company responsible for providing innovation in the form of new security technologies/services. Refer to their website and inquire more of their solutions to discover how they can protect your organization.

    Mitigation. How can employees/staff better prepare for an emergency prior to an incident occurring?
    Risk can be partially mitigated by addressing the following:

    • Training and Awareness – Know your company policies and emergency procedures prior to an incident occurring. It is imperative that plans are trained and rehearsed prior to an actual event occurring.

    • Report Suspicious Activity – Understand the different levels of awareness and report all suspicious behavior/activity.

    • Comply and Enforce Company Policy – A good plan that is not adhered to is not an effective means to protect your organization. Leaders within an organization (both informal and formal) need to a set an example and create a safer environment by enforcing company security policies.

    Action. What actions can you take during a critical incident to protect yourself?
    Simple but effective instructions on surviving an active shooter scenario are Run, Hide, Fight.

    • Run – to safety. Have a primary and alternate means of escaping already planned prior to a critical incident. Understand what to take with you, what to look for, and what/how you will report after leaving to a safe area.

    • Hide – when you cannot escape. If escape is not available or will put you at a higher risk, remaining in a location that can be secured/concealed may be the best option. Barricade the location, identify cover inside of the room, be aware of danger areas, and maintain low light and noise discipline. Silence your cellphone.

    • Fight – as a last resort. Mentality plays the biggest factor when deciding whether or not to engage with an individual that is attempting to cause serious physical injury/death to your person. If there is no alternative, then your highest probability of survival is to fight using all of your resources and physical ability. Fight in numbers when possible and utilize any weapons of opportunity.

    Further information on training, assessments or other Spector Security services can be found online or by email/phone. Please contact Spector Security with any questions, concerns or request for services.


    IARF Conference Speaking

    Spector Security speaking at the IARF conference on active shooter training solutions.

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